There are some providers that didn’t quite make the cut for our top-ten VPS provider list, but still offer good services at exceptionally low prices.

We rank those providers here!

#1 – Hetzner Cloud

Our top cheap provider actually was also featured on our top-ten list. Hetzner’s announcement of Hetzner Cloud in 2018 was remarkable because of the surprisingly low pricing from such a mature and historically reliable company.

Their cheapest plan, the CX11, gives you 2 GB RAM and 20 GB storage on NVMe SSDs for less than $3/mo! On top of that, every customer gets 20 TB traffic included with their account.

They also have a line of VPS plans that come with dedicated CPU cores. At roughly $12/mo per core, Hetzner’s pricing is 40% lower than Vultr and DigitalOcean, which charge $20/mo per core on dedicated CPU virtual private servers.

Hetzner Cloud offers SSD block storage at around $50/mo per TB, and additional bandwidth for a bit over $1/TB.

The only downside is that Hetzner Cloud is only available in two datacenters, with one in Germany and one in Finland.

#2 – Inception Hosting

Although not quite as cheap as Hetzner Cloud, Inception Hosting is still very affordable, and has locations in the UK and in Miami. The company overall has not been around for as long as Hetzner, but they have been offering VPS services for much longer.

Their VZ 1024 plan comes with 1 GB RAM, 30 GB SSD-cached storage, and 500 GB bandwidth for around $2.30/mo.

While Inception Hosting’s servers are quite reliable, they lack features like snapshots and block storage that newer providers offer. Additionally, they bill by the month, so you can’t spin up a VPS for a few hours and pay tens of cents.

#3 – LunaNode

Like Inception Hosting, LunaNode’s services are available in both North America and Europe, with locations in Toronto and France.

Their m.2 plan gives you 2 GB RAM and 20 GB SSD storage for $7/mo. While this is significantly more expensive than Inception Hosting, LunaNode bills hourly instead of monthly, and their services come with an extraordinary number of features like snapshots, block storage, load balancers, and cloud firewalls.

Additionally, LunaNode’s additional bandwidth is quite affordable, at $3 per TB. To put this in perspective, Vultr charges $10 per TB for bandwidth overages — over three times more!

#4 – VMHaus

VMHaus has datacenters in London and Los Angeles, offering hourly billed VPS with SSD storage in both locations. While VMHaus’s cost-per-GB-RAM ratio matches LunaNode’s, VMHaus’s smallest plan is insanely cheap.

Their VMH-256MB plan is only $15/year ($1.25/mo), and includes 256 MB RAM, 5 GB SSD storage, and 1 TB bandwidth. The storage is a bit low, but still enough for many applications with a minimal Linux OS installation.

Beyond having cheap pricing, VMHaus also offers a beautiful control panel. It’s clear that they spent a lot of time getting the user interface right, making it very easy to figure things out and get started with creating a VPS on their platform.